Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Let me begin by saying that I LOVE Tuesdays. =)  I like having a day to myself.

I met Gina for lunch today.  It was nice to see her and it forced me to shower and put on real clothes.  I watched Food Network and thought of a few new recipes to try in the coming weeks or whenever I get a chance to cook dinner. 

I took a test and I'm not pregnant.  =(  I still may have a chance because it's early.  I'm trying to not be upset.  I think I'll call my GYN and schedule my yearly for June so we can discuss fertility meds.  This is my 8th month without any birth control and one would assume that something would have happened by now.  =/

I'm going to try to stay positive and look forward to getting my weight and eating habits under control.  God must not be ready for me to become a Mom just yet.  I know that He is certain of the right time and is just preparing me. 

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Psalm 71:14