Our Story

Hi.  My name is Courtney Boyington.  I am married to my best friend, Brandon. I was lucky to meet my husband at such an early age.  I am 27 and my sweet husband is 36.  We have an obvious age gap, but it's never gotten in the way. 
Engagement 2008
Brandon and I always knew that we wanted to be parents.  I stopped taking birth control in July 2010.  We spent 2 years TTC before we were blessed with our pregnancy.  Brandon is a Testicular Cancer survivor, I have had two surgeries for a uterine septum and Stage II Endometriosis, and I don't ovulate without stimulation drugs.
Below is a timeline of the events in our life and Our Pathway to Parenthood.

September 1976
September 1, 1976; Brandon Scott Boyington was born
January 1986
January 13, 1986; Courtney Nicole Duke was born
Brandon graduated from Chelsea High School.
December 1999
Brandon graduated  from the University of Montevallo with a Bachelor's in Mass Communications.
Brandon was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.  He underwent chemotherapy and had surgery.
He knew that his fertility may be impacted, and chose to freeze his sperm at UAB.
I graduated from Pelham High School.
I started BCP.  Worst decision of my life!
June 2007
We met at Lake Mitchell in Clanton, Alabama.
Our first picture 2007
June 2008 
Brandon proposed on Friday, June 13 at Ozan Winery in Calera, Alabama.
August 2008
I graduated from the University of Montevallo with a Bachelor's in History.
Graduation 2008
June 2009
We married on Saturday, June 13, at Magnolia Springs Manor in Helena, Alabama.
Wedding 2009
May 2010
I graduated from the University of Montevallo with a Master's in Secondary Education with Highest Honors.
Graduation 2010
June 2010
June 13 1st Wedding Anniversary and we got matching tattoos
Getting inked
TTC Journey Begins
July 2010
Actively started TTC and we thought having a baby would be easy.
September 2010 Annual appointment with OB/GYN. We discussed TTC.  She saw no reason why I should have any trouble becoming pregnant.  She wasn't concerned that I wasn't ovulating regularly.  She blamed it on years of taking BCP.
October 2010
Provera needed to end cycle
I started working at Paul's Diamond Center in Alabaster
November 2010
Provera needed to end cycle
December 2010First normal ovulatory cycle after stopping BCP; BFN
January 2011- February 2011TTC is stressful; Preventing this month; BFN
February 2011- March 2011
Started using PreSeed (fertility friendly lubricant)
March 2011- April 2011
Provera needed to end cycle
Brandon went for SA
April 2011- May 2011
Took SA results to OB/GYN and she advised us to seek help from a Reproductive Endocrinologist
First appointment with RE; Dr. Bates at UAB
June 2011- July 2011 (first scheduled IUI cycle)
Femara June 4-8
IUI Scheduled and cancelled
HSG; septate uterus that requires surgery
Cancelled surgery due to lack of insurance coverage
July 2011
Brandon met with urologist; Dr. Kolettis at UAB
He said that there was nothing we could do to help B's sperm
August 2011
BCP for upcoming surgery
September 2011
Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy to resect "impressive" uterine septum
Stage I Endometriosis removed
Rest for 2 weeks and move forward with IUI
October 2011 (IUI cycle)
Femara October 11-15
Trigger October 23
IUI October 25

November 2011
HPT + at 10dpiui   
Chemical pregnancy on Nov 5 
Brandon rescued Daisy and brought her home on Black Friday. 
Christmas 2011 with Daisy
December 2011 (IUI scheduled-cancelled)
IUI scheduled with progesterone support during 2ww
Femara Dec 8-12 (no response)
Menopur Dec 17-25 (no response)
IUI Cancelled

January 2012 (IUI scheduled-cancelled)
Switched clinics to ART at Brookwood with Dr. Allemand
PIO Shot on Jan 4; AF arrived on Jan 9
IUI scheduled and cancelled
Follistim 125iu  Jan 11-15
2nd HSG on Jan 16 showed Uterine Septum and possible blockage of right ovary

February 2012
Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy on Feb 3
Uterine Septum resected and Stage II Endometriosis removed
No issues with ovary; Septum had obstructed view on previous HSG
Brandon started his new job with HD Supply.  God provides!  

Spring 2012
March 2012
3rd HSG on Mar 20; slight curvature of uterine septum still evident
Moving forward with IVF

Spring 2012
April 2012
April 9 Baseline ultrasound showed 2.35cm cyst on left ovary as well as fluid in endometrium.
April 10 asked Brandon to abstain from tobacco products for 45 days for upcoming IVF.
April 18 SIS showed slight curvature of uterine septum, but still moving forward with IVF.
Contacted by Circle and Bloom to affiliate and write guest posts on their blog.

Summer 2012 at the Lake
May 2012
Brandon started taking Maca
May 4 Blog hit 10,000 page views
New cycle started on May 5
May 8 began BCP for IVF
May 10 IVF Checklist with Dr. A
May 15 Brandon met his sales goal for his first 3 months at new job=BONUS
May 22 guest post published on Circle and Bloom
May 29 Pre-cycle visit with Janet
Began Lupron injections

Summer 2012
June 2012
June 1 Last BCP
First IVF attempt
6 frozen embryos; PRAISE THE LORD
Severe OHSS- hospitalized for 5 days

I have spent many sleepless nights in prayer with Him.  He will provide.  God always provides in His time.  He has spoken to me.
Anniversary 2012
July 2012
July 3 My first day back to work since June 22
July 4 Got HOPE tattoo (posts here and here)
July 17  Peyton Lane Boyington
Started keeping Journal of my Daily Blessings (to remember all of the good things)
July 24  2 year anniversary of TTC

August 2012
August1 PIO injection (3cc) on CD29 after unclear ovulation pattern
August 12 Begin our FET cycle!
August 20 Brandon received his letter about his sales goal for the 2nd quarter= BONUS
August 24 Lining not thick enough and we must push our calendar back one week
August 30 Tentative FET scheduled
August 31 2nd Lining Check for FET cycle PASSED
September 2012

September 1 Brandon's 36th birthday
Brandon's Birthday
September 6 Frozen Embryo Transfer

We're Pregnant!

September 10 Began testing positive on HPT
September 14 Beta positive
*hCG 67, progesterone 63, estrogen 153
September 21 Beta positive and increasing
*hCG 1291, progesterone 67, estrogen 168
September 25 First ultrasound - Saw Sac
*hcG 6597 progesterone 77, estrogen 159
October 2012
October 2 Second ultrasound- Saw Hearbeat
*hCG 33,035, progesterone 62.8, estrogen 273
October 9 Third ultrasound- measuring 7w1d and meeting with Dr. Allemand
*progesterone 60.9

October 16 Fourth ultrasound- measuring 8w2d


October 23 Fifth ultrasound- measuring 9w1d
Saw and heard the heartbeat- 178bpm
Saw The Sneak move for the first time

November 2012
November 6 Sixth ultrasound- measuring 11w1d
Saw and heard the heartbeat- 171bpm
Consult with Dr. Allemand
Last appointment with ART Fertility Clinic in this pregnancy!
November 13 First OB appointment with Dr. McKenzie
BP 130/94
168 bpm
December 2012
December 11 Second OB appointment with Dr. Radbill
BP 135/82
155 bpm
Merry Christmas from The Boyingtons!

December 28
Gender Reveal
Elliana "Ellie" Joy Boyington
December 29 Ellie kicked for the FIRST TIME and Brandon and I felt it!

January 2013
January 22 OB Appointment
147 bpm

February 2013
February 21 OB Appointment
1-hour Sugar Test=FAILED!
February 27 SICK with ???

March 2013
March 2 Still SICK with ???
March 4 ER Trip due to sickness.  Bronchitis
March 8
*3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test--PASSED
*OB Appointment
*3D Ultrasound

March 21 OB Appointement and everything well
At my going away (from work) dinner
With my Work Family-- Paul's Diamond Center

April 2013
April 3 OB Appointment


  1. Just found your blog! I have stage 2 endo too. Sucks. Following your journey and rooting for you.

  2. God is waiting to pick the very best baby for you and your husband...it took years for us to concieve and then they told us no go.....she arrived Feb 4 2004.....she was the most beautiful tiny newborn. All the nurses came to visit and told me how beautiful she was. I claim at this moment that this will happen to the two if you.....
    Love Angie

  3. Thank you for the comments on my blog. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better. I wish you all the best with your upcoming IVF cycle.

  4. good luck on your journey :)

  5. Wow, what a tough journey you have had! Good luck!

  6. Great Blog! Inspiring!

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