Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More about Daisy =)

My sweet puppy had NO accidents all day long yesterday.  She got her first of the puppy shots and was great.  She slept almost all day long!  I took her over to my Dad's to start decorating his house and she let me know each time she had to go outside.  We've started giving her treats too so she knows that she was a good girl!!

She's definitely kept me sane the past few days.  Now, I'm exhausted and thinking about her constantly, but it helps me not think about babies.  She even lets me hold her like a little baby. heehee :)  I am going to buy tests on the way to work.  If it's negative I will be ok.  At least we have another shot within the year if I'm not prego right now.

God has been covering and protecting me for the past week.  I only broke down once over the past week.  On Black Friday, a guy that I knew from high school stopped in.  I sold him his engagement ring over the summer, and the engagement fell through.  Now his ex-fiance/girl friend is pregnant.  OF COURSE!  I should be laughing about things like this now, but I just needed to cry it out.  I only let myself have a minute or two.  The girls at work have been great to me.  They knew exactly why I was crying before I even told them.  They all lifted my spirits and got me laughing again.  God has definitely put them in my life for a reason.  They are growing protective of me.  Rachel hugged me when I told her that I had a chance of being pregnant this cycle!!

Corey:  I just checked my blog the other day.  I stayed so busy with Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl that I didn't even read my blog again until Monday. I never meant to upset you, but it's like everyone I even talk to gets pregnant now.  Maybe I could start charging people to be around me if they want a baby!! =)
I am following your blog now and I hope that's alright.  And I did block you on FB but will be removing that in a manner of minutes.  I too have prayed for you and sweet Olivia.  I just get so jealous of people who get pregnant so easily.  But now we've had a chemical pregnancy, tried naturally after a failed IUI, and adopted a puppy.  Since everyone knows someone else who does one of those things and ends up pregnant, the odds are in our favor!!!  =)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Brandon and his dad rescued some puppies last Friday. I now am the proud owner of a baby Rottweiler named Daisy.  She's a handful to say the least, but I love her. 

I will be 10dpo tomorrow.  We actually have a shot at being pregnant.  I haven't bought any HPTs yet because I'm still so scared and nervous.  It would be such a miracle if we got pregnant on our own.  =)  I guess I'm just not ready for any disappointment yet.  Hopefully I'll be posting some positive news soon. =)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! 
I'm thankful that I ovulated and actually have a chance at conceiving naturally this month. =)  I'm only 4dpo, but I have a lot to keep me occupied during this 2WW.  I'm super exhausted, but can't seem to slow down.  Christmas is a busy time for me at work and I have to get all of my shopping done soon so Brandon doesn't have to do it.  I've been making some super cute Alabama and Auburn Christmas wreaths to give to my family.  I'll post pictures of them later.  I have an idea about what to buy for each person on my list, I just don't have time to get it all done. 

Well, I think I need a power nap before going to eat all of the yummy food today!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blah Monday

I so had a case of the Mondays yesterday.  My stomach has been killing me for the past few days and I thought it was because I was going to be anovulatory.  Guess Again!!!  We saw a positive OPK on Saturday and "baby danced" Saturday and Sunday.  LeeAnn (our nurse) told me that we have a chance of getting prego on our own this month with the numbers they saw with Brandon banking last week!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling yucky and having tender pain in my tummy, so I  called the doctor.  They did an ultrasound and confirmed that I had ovulated.  They did some bloodwork, but it was way too early to tell anything from that.  Along with the pain, I have been passing blood when I go to the bathroom.  I've had GI issues since I was about 17, so this was nothing new for me.  I called my GI doctor and he gave me another Rx, but hinted that if my problems do not go away, I will need to see a Colorectal Surgeon.  =(  I hope it doesn't get to that!!

Although it was a typical yucky Monday yesterday, we did get some good news. Brandon's property was eligible for a Holiday raise AND he has been making bonus money for taking on other projects.  =)  It's amazing what God does for you when you give your tithe.  Also, we've both been worried about how to afford buying Christmas gifts for everyone when we're spending so much on TTC a baby.  God is so good.  =)

Friday, November 18, 2011

What a Week!

I must apologize for not posting Brandon's numbers for the week.  We are super excited!
  • 11-16-11:  2 vials frozen with 27mil and 13% motility
  • 11-18-11- 2 vials frozen with 50% motility.  
I wish that they would have given me more information, but we are thrilled with our numbers nonetheless.  His numbers actually seem to look a little bit better each time.  Brandon is now finished with banking sperm.  Currently, we have 9 vials frozen (6 new and 3 old).  

LeeAnn (our nurse) told me to come in next Wednesday on CD19 for labs.  Hopefully they'll have the results that day so I can begin Provera to start a new cycle.  I've felt terrible the past few days!  The hot flashes are tolerable, but the nausea is starting to get to me.

Today would have been a great day, but a woman at work asked me if I was pregnant.  I'm not sure why, but she was looking directly at my stomach as she asked me.  I just answered no, but that I had been trying for a while.  Maybe I looked fat today, who knows.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Long Day

I called my nurse today because I'm feeling yucky.  I am pretty sure that I'm not going to ovulate. =( Today is CD11, but my chart overlay is following the same pattern it always does when I'm anovulatory.

LeeAnn(my nurse) told me that I have to wait on taking Provera.  =(  She is going to give Dr. Bates a note about my situation and see what he wants to do.  I'm having cramps each day, hot flashes, and mood swings.  I know that the swings/being emotional may be because I'm still upset over the CP.  Every now and then I just get sad that the pregnancy didn't stick.  I know that I just need to move forward, but I can't help it.  I only got to be pregnant for 2 days. 

Please pray for me and my attitude.  This is all taking a toll on me and it seems like it's going to just be even more stressful with the holidays approaching.