Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday, Paul let me go home after only an hour of work.  I was super excited!  B & I went to Logan Martin to see his parents for the day.  He got a little sunburned, but I'm sure he'll be alright.
We're about to get ready to head to Lay Lake to spend the day with my Dad.  Since I haven't been able to enjoy the tanning bed for TTC, I've had to get my tan that hard way!!

Still no sign of AF but she'll probably show her ugly face tomorrow.  I've definitely had PMS!  I didn't take a HPT today because I didn't even see the point.  I'm absolutely positive that I'm not pregnant and I'm ok with that. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today's Saturday!  If I can make it through work today, I get to enjoy a weekend in the sun!  We're going to my Dad's Lake place tomorrow, and Brandon's family's on Monday for Memorial Day.

Unfortunately, I'm due to start my period on Monday. =/  Bleh.  I've had PMS all week.  I actually cried the other day because Brandon forgot onion rings at Zaxby's.  I stopped again on my ride home from work because I thought I needed them that badly.  I'm hoping that I won't feel too bad on Monday.  I'm absolutely positive that I'm not pregnant.  I've never been so ok with that, but we have a plan and I'm super excited for what the next month holds!

On a side note, I used to LOVE buying swimsuits.  I had an obsession.  Now... I want to keep covered up in my clothes.  I've gained more weight than normal and I don't want to start any crazy diet/exercise routine with all of the fertility things coming up next month.  No more bikinis for me- the tankini is my new best friend!! =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fertility Friend

I cannot imagine living in a world without Fertility Friend.  My TTC journey would be so difficult without the network of women found there.  =)  Also, my SIL-Sheri- has been an angel.  She went through her own struggles with fertility and has been extremely supportive of me through this whole process.

Brandon and I have decided to have a yard sale next month.  Any extra money would be great since we have NO IDEA how much we'll be spending with the whole IUI process.  I know it sounds like an added stress, but it would be nice to have a "project" to keep me sidetracked from thinking about fertility 24/7.

I took a HPT this morning.  It was negative but I'm only 9dpo today. 

I had a huge temp dip yesterday--maybe it was implantation?  At least I won't be let down if AF shows her ugly face this cycle. We have a plan!!

On a side note, I spent yesterday with Gran sorting through clothes.  I took her out to lunch and then we dropped by the house.  The progress made is amazing.  She thinks that we might be able to have Christmas in the newly rennovated house.  =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bad Blogger- Road to Parenthood

I'm such a bad blogger!  I somehow always manage to forget to post here. =/

Last month was rough.  The tornadoes caused a lot of destruction in our state.  Aunt Penny's house is destroyed; nothing remains.  She's still at the hospital in ICU.  I saw her last Wednesday and she was starting to look better.  Renovations are moving right along with Gran and PawPaw's house.  =)  They're staying in an apartment in Hueytown until their house is livable again.  It's going to be strange not going to visit them at their house this week. 

Brandon and I saw a Reproductive Endocrinologist last Wednesday.  We're being monitored and plan to start IUI with my next cycle.  We're extremely excited and the RE gave us a 90% pregnancy success rate.  I haven't told that many people about it.  Most of my family knows, along with Brian and Sheri.  My coworkers know, but I spend more time with them than anybody so I couldn't keep it from them.  I'm excited about what the future holds for Brandon and I as parents.  It seems like it's all in reach.

The only downfall about seeing the RE is that insurance covers NOTHING fertility related.  I'm praying that we don't deplete our savings with all the testing that is scheduled.  Also, I'm not looking forward to one of the tests in particular-the HSG.  It's a special x-ray of the fallopian tubes and uterus.  They gave me a nice Rx for anxiety meds to endure that one.  I'm going to try to document and write about every test/procedure that occurs during our road to parenthood.  =)