Saturday, October 29, 2011

2 WW

Today I'm 4 dpo.  I started temping again too know what's going on.  I have all of the symptoms of pregnancy thanks to the HCG shot.  My stomach gets super upset if I'm hungry, and then I get sick after I eat. =(  Other than that I've felt great and been extremely happy. 

Hopefully I'll find a lot of tasks to keep me busy through the next week to occupy my time.  Here's my list so far:
  • My brother's birthday is today (He's 14!).  I have no idea what we're doing yet!
  • There's a ladies event at church tomorrow night.  
  • The Walking Dead comes on tomorrow and it makes me worry more about Zombies than being pg.
  • One of my coworkers is having her gallbladder removed next week so I'm going to try and go see her one evening after work and take her some food. 
  • Another PANDORA jewelry event starts next week so I have event planning to worry about.
  • Bama vs LSU is next week and I have tickets!
  • Next week is November and I MUST get started shopping
After making the list I feel slightly overwhelmed!  Anything is better than obsessing if I'm prego or not.  But Brandon and I do talk to my tummy and tell it to stick and grow (even though implantation has not occurred yet). 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IUI today

We had the IUI this morning.  As soon as we got there, Brandon went on back and gave his sample.  After what seemed like forever, they were ready for us.  We had to sign a paper saying we wanted the IUI to happen and I went and got undressed for the procedure.  After I was "spread eagle" on the table, Dr. Bates came in.  As he was about to insert the speculum, he told us that Brandon's fresh sample had very few good sperm at all.  They unfroze 2 vials of his banked sperm (from 10 years ago) and only got 4 million to inseminate with.  He did not sound uplifting at all.  He actually told us that if this doesn't work, we need to consider IVF next.

I'm trying to stay positive and imagine just one sperm making it there.  I cried on the table and have felt just sad all day.  He definitely could have presented the information in a different way or something.

I'll post more when I'm not so down about the whole procedure.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trigger day!!!

Brandon is going to give me the HCG shot this evening at 8pm!  I'm so excited!

We slept in this morning and went to the late service at church.  They gave us our certificates for joining and introduced us to the entire congregation.  The pastor prayed over us and asked God to be with us during this special time.  The people there who know about our IUI this week are extremely excited for us and very uplifting.

After church, we went to see Papa Jo at the rehab center (he just had a knee replacement).  We told B's mother about the IUI this week and she seemed excited.  I called my mom today and told her as well.  At first, I hadn't wanted too many family members to know to protect them and myself from having to deliver any unwanted news.  I guess I'd rather them be in the loop and a part of the process.

After my nap this afternoon I remembered that we needed to "do the dance" and had no PreSeed.  I made B drive me to CVS in my pajamas to buy sperm friendly lube.  =)

Remember the Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck" jokes?  I've got one for all you TTCers our there.  You might be TTC if you wake up and go out in public half asleep in mismatched clothing to purchase lube for scheduled intercourse.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another date with the ultrasound wand

We went in for another follicle check this morning.  My lining looked great, but she didn't give me a measurement.  I was disappointed that my follicle was only measuring 16mm.  We've delayed the trigger until tomorrow evening, so the IUI will take place on Tuesday. 

After crying for about 20 minutes or so I felt better.  It's so stupid, but I was upset because we sold our tickets to the Bama/Tennessee game tonight.  On gameday, Brandon and I spend more time together than we do all week.  We stopped by Marvin's on the way home and I bought paint for my guest bedroom/office.  I've been wanting to paint in here for a couple of months.  Brandon said that he wouldn't want me inhaling the fumes after I'm pregnant so I guess it all worked out today for the greater good.  =)

As crazy as this may sound, I'm going to soak my feet today and tomorrow whenever I get a free moment to help my follicles grow.  I think it's TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or something that says it can stimulate them to grow.  I'm willing to try anything.  I want my baby sneakers. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Follicle Check

We had our follicle check yesterday, and I'm responding well to Femara.  On my left ovary, I had 2 larger follicles at 13mm and 14mm.  I had 7 smaller ones on the right ovary.  They scheduled me to come back in Saturday morning for another ultrasound at 7:30.  I'm hoping that we'll measure 18mm by then (since they should grow 2mm each day).  My lining was only 6mm, but my SIL and the DRs assured me that it will have thickened up by then.  Brandon picked up my trigger shot yesterday and he will administer that to me on Saturday evening. 

We sold our tickets to the Bama game since it's a late kick-off.  Brandon did not feel comfortable at all with having to prepare my shot and give it to me around 80,000+ other people.  =)  We're so excited!  Right now, we're scheduling to do the IUI on Monday morning. 

I talked to Brandon about my idea about the pregnancy journal and he's on board.  We're both going to write a letter to our baby on the day of insemination.  He thought it was a good idea too.  =) 

I can't believe that we've made it this far.  I now have so much respect for women who have to struggle with fertiilty issues and for those who battle this for years.  My sanity has been rattled for the past 1.5 years and that 1.5 years is nothing in comparison to what most women must conquer.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Giuliana Rancic

I cannot believe that Giuliana Rancic has breast cancer.  She is lucky to have caught it so early, but it will delay her IVF.  Why do bad things happen to good people.  =(  I can't help but cry for her.  I'm praying that they can do surgery and start treatment for her ASAP so she can still reach her dream of becoming a mother.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joined a new church

Today is CD8.  I took my last Femara yesterday.  The hot flashes were rough, and to make matters worse, our a/c went out at work.  At least I wasn't alone in my misery (haha). 

Brandon and I had been visiting a new church for the past 3 Sundays.  Today, we attended a get-together at the pastor's house and decided to become members.  We both feel like we fit there and are excited to meet new people. 

My ultrasound and follicle check is on Thursday!  I'm super excited and cannot wait to go forward with the IUI.  It's all coming together.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 3 Femara

I totally forgot how much I hate Femara!  I am having hot flashes from hell and cannot sleep.  =(  It's all worth it for the end result, but I would love to get some rest and not feel like I need to wash the sheets every morning when I get up.  Yesterday, I yelled at my boss!  My hormones are raging and he wasn't nice to me about something I didn't do, so I yelled back at him.  =)  Needless to say, he was nice every other time we talked yesterday. 

My ultrasound/follie check is scheduled for next Thursday morning.  I'm super excited and hope that I will have a GREAT sized follicle to trigger by then!!  Baby Sneakers is becoming more of a reality!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've been a bad blogger..

I have so much to update on!!  AF arrived Sunday afternoon, and today is CD3 for me!  I started taking Femara today and will continue taking it until Saturday.  I talked to LeeAnn (my nurse) yesterday and she seems to think we'll be doing the IUI on either Saturday or Sunday, October 22-23.

I can't believe that we've made it this far.  The past few months have been brutal having to "wait"  all of the time.  Hopefully I won't have too many side effects from the Femara.  All I remember from the last time was the awful headaches.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Closer to IUI

Hopefully, I'll start a new cycle by the end of this week!  It's all starting to feel real again.  This month, exactly a year ago, we became serious about TTC a baby.  Never in my life did I think it would take so long!  I just assumed that people got pregnant after a few months.  Boy was I wrong!  Haha! 

I feel like AF will arrive on either Friday or Saturday.  We're going to the Bama game on Saturday, so I'd rather start Friday at work and feel yucky there.  I'll go ahead and call in my Rx for Femara and start that next week.  Hopefully I can try and stay positive from here on out!!