Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another date with the ultrasound wand

We went in for another follicle check this morning.  My lining looked great, but she didn't give me a measurement.  I was disappointed that my follicle was only measuring 16mm.  We've delayed the trigger until tomorrow evening, so the IUI will take place on Tuesday. 

After crying for about 20 minutes or so I felt better.  It's so stupid, but I was upset because we sold our tickets to the Bama/Tennessee game tonight.  On gameday, Brandon and I spend more time together than we do all week.  We stopped by Marvin's on the way home and I bought paint for my guest bedroom/office.  I've been wanting to paint in here for a couple of months.  Brandon said that he wouldn't want me inhaling the fumes after I'm pregnant so I guess it all worked out today for the greater good.  =)

As crazy as this may sound, I'm going to soak my feet today and tomorrow whenever I get a free moment to help my follicles grow.  I think it's TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or something that says it can stimulate them to grow.  I'm willing to try anything.  I want my baby sneakers. 

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  1. Grow follie grow! I hope it gets bigger by the time you trigger and you get your bfp=) I've never heard that about soaking your feet, but I agree to trying everything! Good luck!


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