Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Messing Up the Schedule

Rookie Mistake!  We are still trying to fix the schedule!  I have definitely learned my lesson and will not be adding any extra activities to our routine on Sundays.

My poor baby is napping now and woke up crying.  I went in and checked on her and she would NOT take her pacifier.  If I pick her up she immediately stops crying and takes the passy, but wakes by the time I'm down the hall after putting her back down.  It's so hard for me to listen to her cry, but I know it's best for both of us.  I desperately want her to self soothe.  I could just kick myself in the booty for going shopping on Sunday. :-(

Here's to hoping that we can get the schedule back in sync!

Tummy Time!

My Super Baby

Ellie has some funny expressions

Tummy Time wore her out!


  1. Hey girl
    I completely understand about the schedule! It's soooo hard to keep them on schedule and still live life. D always knows when things are different. With starting daycare this week, he's not napping well at all. He'll nap for about 30 minutes, cry, and if I rock him, he'll keep napping, but if I don't, he starts playing in his crib even though I know he's still tired. It's definitely hard :( Hoping she gets back on schedule soon!

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. Babies also need to learn to cope with changes to their schedule. Its a balancing game :-) but if you never deviated from it either you've have problems with that later.

  3. She's just so cute! Love the pics. Things will settle down soon (not that I know anything about self-soothing, as my baby won't do it on his own yet... but I'm not worrying until he's a few months old). Ellie is probably just testing the water.

  4. Love your super baby!! Great job on all the tummy time Ellie !

  5. I'm so bad at picking my Elaina up when she cries, but daddy is WORSE. ;-) Our girls are just too sweet to be crying!! L lol.

  6. She's still too young for cry it out.

    1. The pediatrician is the one who suggested sleep scheduling and crying it out. I assure you that Ellie is only crying because she's sleepy.

  7. Love the pictures! I know I am a little late commenting to this, but I hear you in disrupting the schedule. Right now we are in the same process and one little oops in the schedule and it throws the whole day off. Anyways I hope it is all going well.

  8. No update for a while. Hope parenthood is going well and little Ellie is thriving.


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