Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Elliana turned ONE today.  Where has the past year gone?

I wish that I had written more in her first year.  Between the PPD, Colic, Acid Reflux and just life... you know.  I hope and plan to write more in the future.

She had a check up today and she weighs 22 lbs 4 oz, is 29.75 in tall and has a big head! :)  She says MaMa, DaDa, Pop, PaPa, ByeBye, Bird, and her favorite is HOT.  She started walking about a month ago and is all over the place.  She loves music and dances now.  She's just growing up so much.  Everyone always says that the grow up so quickly but I had no idea until now.

Here are a few pictures of The Birthday Girl!

I truly thought I wouldn't be one of those blogger moms who forgot about their blog once the baby came.  I assure you that I never forgot about the blog.  I just didn't know what to write about, or couldn't find the time, or didn't just want to show up here to complain.  I've seriously missed this writing space and will continue to make time to write in the near future.


  1. Happy Birthday baby girl! I have loved all of the pictures on Instagram. She is so adorable!

  2. What a sweetie!!!! Happy birthday!
    Hope you are doing ok, I think about you often after following your pregnancy and definately know and understand what suffering from anxiety and depression feels like! You are in my prayers♡

  3. Happy birthday pretty girl! I can't believe she is already one!


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