Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fertility Friend

I cannot imagine living in a world without Fertility Friend.  My TTC journey would be so difficult without the network of women found there.  =)  Also, my SIL-Sheri- has been an angel.  She went through her own struggles with fertility and has been extremely supportive of me through this whole process.

Brandon and I have decided to have a yard sale next month.  Any extra money would be great since we have NO IDEA how much we'll be spending with the whole IUI process.  I know it sounds like an added stress, but it would be nice to have a "project" to keep me sidetracked from thinking about fertility 24/7.

I took a HPT this morning.  It was negative but I'm only 9dpo today. 

I had a huge temp dip yesterday--maybe it was implantation?  At least I won't be let down if AF shows her ugly face this cycle. We have a plan!!

On a side note, I spent yesterday with Gran sorting through clothes.  I took her out to lunch and then we dropped by the house.  The progress made is amazing.  She thinks that we might be able to have Christmas in the newly rennovated house.  =)

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