Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today's Saturday!  If I can make it through work today, I get to enjoy a weekend in the sun!  We're going to my Dad's Lake place tomorrow, and Brandon's family's on Monday for Memorial Day.

Unfortunately, I'm due to start my period on Monday. =/  Bleh.  I've had PMS all week.  I actually cried the other day because Brandon forgot onion rings at Zaxby's.  I stopped again on my ride home from work because I thought I needed them that badly.  I'm hoping that I won't feel too bad on Monday.  I'm absolutely positive that I'm not pregnant.  I've never been so ok with that, but we have a plan and I'm super excited for what the next month holds!

On a side note, I used to LOVE buying swimsuits.  I had an obsession.  Now... I want to keep covered up in my clothes.  I've gained more weight than normal and I don't want to start any crazy diet/exercise routine with all of the fertility things coming up next month.  No more bikinis for me- the tankini is my new best friend!! =)

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