Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Catch Up

Being a Mommy is a tough job.  Well, being a Mommy to a little girl with acid reflux and gas problems is tough.  I'm exhausted!

I took Ellie back to the pediatrician last Thursday.  At her appointment she weighed 10 lbs 10 oz!  She's my chunky monkey.

Ellie had been crying all day long for a few days and she just seemed miserable.   I took her back to the doctor because her acid reflux medicine just wasn't working.  The Zantac three times a day wasn't enough, so they have switched us to Omeprazole twice a day.  They did a rectal exam and took a urine sample from a catheter.  My poor baby was poked and prodded so much.  They took her temperature and she was running a low grade fever.  It was awful. On top of everything, Brandon was out of town traveling so it was just Ellie and me at the appointment.

So far we've seen a little bit of improvement.  BUT lately Ellie has been having tummy problems.  She has so much gas, and she cries because of it.  The pediatrician told me to eliminate dairy from my diet, but I already consumed so little because of my own lactose intolerance.

My 6 week PP appointment with Dr. McKenzie is tomorrow.  I'd write more but Ellie is about to wake up from her nap.  I promise to start writing again as Ellie starts feeling better.


  1. Poor Ellie. Hopefully she starts feeling better!

  2. I hope she gets better soon. Poor baby! (and mamma)

  3. Poor Ellie and poor Mommy :( I pray that this new medicine works and she starts feeling better. You're doing a great job!

  4. Hang in there!! My baby girl has colitis and i also had to eliminate so many things....it is so hard. Just do your best. You need to be nourished properly to keep yourself healthy also!! Sending prayers. M

  5. Me again! Living your parallel life in Australia!!

    We too have done Zantac then omeprazole. First few days if omeprazole were bad, but started to see gradual inprovement and would say my baby was not in much pain from day 10 or so.

    My paed told me to keep eating dairy and it would just be the omeprazole. Finding this to be true. Do give infacol before most feeds right now though.

    Good luck!! Here's hoping you (and therefore me) have a happy healthy bub with lots of smiles!


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