Sunday, June 8, 2014

Listing the House with a Stomach Bug

It's almost that time... we list the house this Friday and we are nowhere near ready!  The contractor shows up tomorrow with his crew to repair our kitchen floor (that's been needing repair for the past 7+ years), I'm still cleaning out closets in an attempt to show how much space this house has, and I have a stomach bug.

I threw up a couple of times on Thursday.  I felt pretty nasty and chewed Phenergen like it was candy!  Today I woke up with a queasy stomach, but I cannot stop going to the bathroom!  It's not polite to talk about the potty, but I've visited it about 18 times so far today and it's just noon. :(  I sent Brandon and Ellie to church so I could rest.  Of course rest for me equaled watching an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix, then starting the dishwasher and cleaning up my crafting area.  The thought of taking all of my crafting supplies over to Dad's house for the duration of listing our house terrified me!  I just hope that I can keep it all contained while the house is on the market.

Ellie has started having some trouble with sleeping again.  I stopped nursing her during the day,and it was an adjustment for her going to sleep for nap without the boob in her mouth.  I still  nurse her at night, but she wakes up as soon as we try to lay her down.  After many tries last night, Brandon was finally successful in laying her down.

I don't have much else to write about.  My mind is frazzled trying to fight off this stomach bug, along with attempting to tidy up the house!


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