Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Recap since I last posted in June...

Let's see.  Where do I even begin.  Blogging with a toddler is nearly impossible!

We missed our vacation in July due to Brandon's kidney stone episode.  We were all set to leave on vacation, when Brandon felt that all to familiar pain of dreaded kidney stones.  He had surgery and they removed a couple! This isn't his first tango with them, so we have been seeing a specialist to keep an eye out on more forming.

We were able to travel with Brandon in September to Destin for a work conference.  It was a great vacation that was desperately needed!  We visited the beach last September with Ellie, so this wasn't her first trip.  She absolutely loved the sand and the water-which is funny because she doesn't like the lake at all.

Elliana 15 months

Listing the house proved to be more drama that we thought.  It seemed like the house would NEVER SELL!  I believe we ended up with SIX total offers on the house, and THREE contracts to fall through.
At one point we had a contract on another home when the contract on this house fell through.  It was all so much chaos, but I can say now that we close on this house within the next month.  We are planning to live with my Dad to save money until we find our dream home.  Now we are just in the beginning stages of packing up!

We never began another FET cycle.  It just never seemed like the right time.  Granny was diagnosed with Stage III/IV (inoperable) Lung Cancer.  Then with selling the house and moving with my Dad, it didn't seem that beginning a cycle would line up.  We received the shock of a lifetime in September.  I realized that I was more than a couple days late-which was nothing new post partum and after breastfeeding for a year.  I decided to take a test on Sunday, September 21....  It was the fastest positive pregnancy test I've ever seen.  We are expecting another baby in May 2015.  We immediately called ART and they scheduled bloodwork and an ultrasound.  We saw them for four weeks and were just released to the care of my OB.

Each day we are still in shock and are blessed to be pregnant. After my first appointment, they called and wanted my progesterone levels to be higher (mine =12.9; wanted over 15).  We have been injecting 1 cc PIO since September 22.  It looks like we will continue injections until I'm 10 weeks on October 27.  I promise to be a better blogger in the future and continue to update about Sweet Ellie and The Sneak!

More photos!


  1. Wow congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Ellie is so cute!

  2. Wow! Congratulations! What a big 2 years for you guys!


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