Saturday, November 10, 2012

12 Weeks and Bumpdate

How many weeks:
12 weeks

How big is baby:
The size of a plum
The Sneak measured 4.5cm on Tuesday!

Maternity Clothes:
A sweet friend, Trista, showed up with a box of maternity clothes at work last Saturday.  
I now have 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of nice pants for work, numerous dresses and tops, along with some pajamas and nursing tops.  Thank you, Trista!

Weight Gain Alert!
Still weighing in at 126 lbs, so no weight gain this week.

Body Changes:
My bump is very pronounced, and I think I look further along than 12 weeks.
I've started rubbing cocoa/shea butter on my tummy to hopefully help reduce stretch marks/badges of honor.

The baby is moving a lot, but he/she is still so small.  
I feel the occasional flutter every few days, but I cannot wait to feel The Sneak moving around all the time. 

Food Cravings:
Junk Food!  I craved BBQ, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Arby's this week.  
Also, Dr. Pepper and Starbucks (decaf)
My healthy cravings have flown out the window.

Food Aversions:
Chick fil A, Creamed Corn, Bacon

6ish more weeks until we find out.
We will be scheduling the gender reveal appointment next week!

Occasional fatigue, nausea when hungry, increased appetite, some acid reflux, thirsty all the time, bloated, indigestion, constipation, frequent urination, vivid dreams, weepiness, mood swings, back pain, tender tummy, tender breasts, headaches

What do I miss:
Nothing!  I'm starting to feel better this week.

Best moment of the week:
Graduating from the fertility clinic and taking my last Estrogen pill and Progesterone-in-Oil injection

What am I looking forward to:
Our first OB appointment with Dr. McKenzie and scheduling the gender reveal appointment

We have almost made it through the first trimester.  The Sneak is growing so much!
"The baby now weighs a full half ounce.  Most systems are in place, but much maturation needs to take place.  The pituitary gland has started producing the hormones that will allow The Sneak to have babies some day."
from What to Expect When You're Expecting


It's an involuntary reflex for me to suck in my tummy when I smile.  ;)  
This is me completely relaxed standing normal.  
I am looking big already!! 


  1. You are so good with your belly pictures! I think I have taken one this "go-round".

    You look super cute, wish the rest of me was a small as you. :)

  2. PHENOMENAL!!! I think Bugga and I are heading up there this morning- we'll stop by to see you :) xx

  3. Your bump is starting to be pronounced now. You are still tiny:-) Can't believe you are about to graduate on through second trimester. Yay!

  4. You look so so cute!!!! :) :) Congrats on 12 weeks!!!!

  5. You look adorable, Courtney! Love your baby bump! So glad the clothes will work for you - hope you can get some use out of them. Continued prayers for a wonderful pregnancy! You are going to love it when you start feeling the baby move around - best feeling ever!

  6. Definitely look preg this week :-)

  7. You are looking beautiful, momma! I'm so happy for you!


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