Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6th Graduation Appointment

We have graduated from the fertility clinic!
Today was a bittersweet day.  We are so grateful to ART for everything that they have done for us, but we are ready to move on with this pregnancy.  Weekly ultrasounds have been great, but I'm ready to be treated like this is a normal pregnancy (whatever that is!).

I'm far enough along now to have tummy ultrasounds instead of vaginal ultrasounds!  You do not know how happy I am about that.  If you've never experienced the joy accompanied by one, three, or maybe 30+ vaginal ultrasounds, you're not missing anything.

Our precious baby is measuring 11 weeks + 1 day with a heartrate of 171 bpm.  The Sneak was moving around once we started the ultrasound and was sleeping by the end.  We were able to see the fingers and toes, and the baby's precious little nose.  It's amazing how something so small could look like a baby when he/she's only the size of a lime.

If you're standing in front of me looking at my tummy, the baby's head is on my right and the feet are on my left.  The baby is laying on his/her back looking up at my tummy.  So far, this is how the baby's always been positioned, but I'm sure he/she will start moving around more soon.

Tammy (our nurse) was able to see the placenta, which is in the process of taking over right now.  She also measured my cervix, which is much more pleasant when the ultrasound wand is on my tummy!  Tammy said that everything looked great today.  We were even able to hear the precious baby's heartbeat again.

We are continuing the PIO injections and Estrace through Friday evening!  I'll be 12 weeks on Saturday, so my body should be completely capable of taking care of the baby without additional hormones.

We are scheduled to see Dr. McKenzie at Brookwood next Tuesday.  From there, we should only see the doctor every four weeks.  I am so thankful to have seen my little baby grow so much, from a tiny embryo to 4.5 centimeters.  God is good!


  1. Oh my goodness, your little girl is going to get a sore neck laying like that. Yes I am still sticking to a little girl. Glad you graduated and are moving on to the OB!

  2. Boy vote here :) congratulations y'all! We're so happy for you!!!

  3. LOVE the profile picture! How sweet! I also think girl, but I really have no true reason for thinking that :) So thrilled for you.

  4. That's great Courtney! It was surprisingly relieving for me to feel like a "normal" pregnant person. Good luck with that transition!

  5. Stopping by for the first time and congrats! I completely understand the excitement of going to a tummy ultrasound!!

  6. This is great great news! Congrats on the graduation!!

  7. Looking good! I vote girl -starbe

  8. Good heart rate. My guess is a girl.


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