Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gender Poll

Boy or Girl?

Do you think The Sneak is a boy or girl?  

You only get one chance to vote, and I cannot tell who votes or which gender they choose.  

*All you have to do is click your vote on the poll on the right of the screen!*

Brandon has wavered back and forth on his prediction and so have I.  Either way, we will be thrilled!  
We already have definite names picked out, but we would prefer to wait to announce any names until after the gender scan.

I cannot wait until we find out-which will be either late December or early January!

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart says

Wedding Ring Tied to Hair (old wives tale) says


  1. I am sticking with my girl prediction!!!

  2. This is fun! Totally a girl!! All the way!!

  3. Since our babies are due the same day and are little Ivf miracles after 2yrs of trying, I predict we'll be having the same! Since my prediction for myself recently changed to boy, I'm going to vote the same for you! :-)


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