Friday, June 3, 2011

AF and onward to another cycle of TTC

AF arrived yesterday at 16dpo. That's a pretty long LP for me, but at least I started.  =)  I had crazy, killer cramps yesterday.  I guess they're always bad, but I don't have periods that often.  My cycle now is only the 9th since I stopped taking birth control back in July 2010.

I went in to the RE early this morning at 7am for my CD3 (really CD2) bloodwork.  It took me an hour to get there due to traffic & construction on I65!!  They got me in quickly, so I was able to go and sit with Aunt Penny until time to go to work.  She looked good.  She's trying to talk, but the trach makes it difficult.  She seems agitated about being in the hospital and not remembering all that happened.

I picked up my Rx for Femara yesterday.  Thankfully there's a generic form, Letrozol.  It only cost me $10!!  I start taking it tomorrow for 5 days.  I am scheduled for the HSG on Wednesday next week, and then an ultrasound on Monday-6/13.  Maybe I'll get some good follies for my anniversary!! =)

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