Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm supposed to have surgery today.  I'm supposed to be excited about taking the next step in my TTC journey today.

Ok, I got that out.  Yesterday wasn't too bad.  I kept bust at work.  Only downside was that the boss was in a mood, but it kept my mind off my cancelled surgery.  My RE nurse called and said that I could make up my own mind about BCP.  I think I just may stay on them until September.  It may be nice to know when AF is scheduled to arrive and so forth.  Plus, I've seen an increase in chest size and I think I'd like to keep them until September.  =)

I got to tan last night.  =)  I figure I'm going to let myself do the things that I usually don't since I have to wait for surgery and TTC.  Tanning in the tanning bed actually made me forget everything while I baked, and relaxed me.

I'm just going to have to keep finding the positive to keep from getting upset.  There's truly no reason to be upset because I'll still get to have the surgery, just not for another 9ish weeks.  Patience has never been a strong point for myself, but somehow I'm sure that I'll make it.  Now I'll just try to look forward to Brandon's appointment with the urologist in July and find other "half-way" points along the way to September 1 (Brandon's birthday). 

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  1. Found your blog on FF. Hope you can find some positive and fill the time between now and your surgery with things that make you feel good.


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