Monday, June 13, 2011

Anniversary and Waiting til Wednesday

Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary and we've been together for 4 years.  =) We spent Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday at B's parent's lake house.

We had a nice time and got to relax in the sun.  I would have LOVED to go to the beach, but it just wasn't feasible with our added expenses of fertility stuff. 

My HSG last Wednesday wasn't as bad as I thought.  It was not comfortable at all, but the DRs and nurses were GREAT with me.  My tubes were all clear, BUT my uterus didn't look right. =(  At the time they were not sure if it was a bicornuate uterus, OR if there was a septum there.  After the ultrasound today, they think that it's a septum--see picture on the left. 

So,  it looks like I'll not be having the IUI this cycle.  I see Dr. Bates on Wednesday.  We'll possibly do another ultrasound if he wants to look himself, although the lady today was positive that it was a septum.  They'll do a laparoscopy to remove the septum, and recovery time is supposed to be quick.  =)  

I'm a little discouraged that I won't be pregnant this  month, but I'd rather get pregnant and have a healthy baby. The risks associated with the bicornuate were scary and I could NOT imagine getting pregnant and losing my child.

Now I just have to make it to Wednesday to figure out our game plan. =) 

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