Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cycle 10

Well, I'm already on CD3.  I treated myself to a tanning package today.  =)  I might as well enjoy the little things while taking a forced break from TTC (Zombieland Rule #32).

 I'm finally feeling like the birth control has left my system entirely.  My boobs ached for 30+ days and I had some violent hot flashes. I'm not looking forward to taking BCP again for my surgery in September.  Hopefully I'll have a normal cycle and then start them again sometime in August for the procedure.

Time seems to be moving swiftly at the moment.  The summer's almost over.  Days at work keep me occupied thinking about things other than TTC.  Since I spend all of my time at work, I'm mostly thinking about other stuff.  I need to go out and buy myself some new books to read.  Right now I just need hobbies to keep me from dwelling on the surgery in September. 

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