Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally Friday

I finally slept last night, but dreamed about holding babies.  One of our customers yesterday told us about how she finally got pregnant but lost her baby and has been too devastated to try again.  It was sad.  I told her about Fertility Friend and how it's a great support system for women in all different situations.  I hope she gets the courage to try again and have a baby to take home this time. 

Yesterday flew by.  I sold 2 rings to a lady(1 engagement for her and an engagement ring for her fiance.)
I also started reading 1984 by George Orwell.  Somehow I never read that book in school.  One of the girls at work is supposed to read it for summer reading, so I thought I'd read it to help her out.  I mean, I love reading and need something to occupy my thoughts.  =)  It's a great book thus far. The government controls everything and everyone is filled with paranoia about "Big Brother" watching. 

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