Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Granny Boyington

Brandon's Granny passed away early this morning.  We knew it was coming soon.  I worked yesterday (Tuesday is my typical off day) in preparation for going back to Louisiana.  We'll most likely leave to go back this Friday morning.  We want to actually spend some time with the family while we're there.

I talked to my RE nurse Monday and she called in my Rx for BCP.  =/  I'll start taking them a few days into my next cycle to keep my lining thin and give me crazy hot flashes and a sore chest.  HAHA.  I'm 30 days out and starting to feel slightly anxious.  I would love to have the house clean and in order before I have the surgery.  We'll be gone this weekend, so that leaves the next weekend to start the massive clean-o-rama.  Then football season starts and we celebrate Brandon's birthday.  There's a lot to keep me busy these days.  BUT I'd rather be busy than have nothing to do but sit around and GOOGLE everything that could possibly happen before, during, and after my surgery. 

As for what I posted about on Monday about the situation I cannot write about went well.  =)  I am super excited at the moment and cannot wait to be able to post good news here. 

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