Thursday, August 11, 2011


We're driving to Louisiana tomorrow morning.  The funeral service is on Saturday for Granny Boyington. I wish I knew what to say to comfort Brandon.  We don't spend that much time with our grandparents that live here in Alabama.  We see my grandparents for the major holidays and special occasions.  We see his grandparents that live here more than mine!  He never really mentioned his Louisiana family unless he was talking about when he was little or his time helping them on the dairy farm.  I know it doesn't matter how close you are to someone; losing them still hurts.  I've went through the worst-case scenario of losing a grandparent to vicious cancer and it was a relief in the end when he was called home.  Their Granny wasn't that sick when she went to the hospital and it seemed like she got sicker the longer she was there.  I wish that we could have visited more often.  Maybe then I would then have more comforting words to offer him.  Hopefully Brandon doesn't think I'm numb to this.  I truly know that his Granny is better where she is now.  

Work was stressful yesterday.  Sometimes we feel like we can't do anything right.  It took all day to inventory the entire store, and I still came home wondering if we remembered everything.  It was hard to wind down to sleep from running 90 mph all day trying to get everything done before 6:30pm.

Today my temperature dropped significantly- below the coverline.  I've never seen my BBT drop that low at 12dpo.  Maybe I'm going to start AF sooner rather than later?  Who knows?!? Anything would be better than starting while I'm in Louisiana in the awful heat and humidity!  

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