Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday

Yay for Fridays!  I just finished my second GIA assessment and scored perfectly.  =)  Only 5 more assignments to go!

Still getting good news about my SIL.....I will be so excited when I feel it's appropriate to talk more about that!

It's been nice to not stress about my temp each day or analyze all of the symptoms that I'm feeling.  I feel like some women on FF go crazy looking at the way they feel each day.  Hopefully I'll never have to temp again!  There's no use right now being on BCP.  After my surgery I'll be "resting" so there's no need then either.  Once I'm back on Femara, I'll be monitored weekly so again, no need for my thermometer.  Liberation from the BBT makes me feel like a new woman!! =)