Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Post-Op

Today I went in for my post-op consult with the RE.  It was a GREAT appointment.  Dr. Bates gave me the go ahead to resume "normal activities" with Brandon.  I'm SUPER excited.  It's been a WHILE!!  Now we just have to wait for this cycle to end.  I'm pretty sure that I ovulated last week, so hopefully we just have 2ish more weeks to go until we start TTC again.

For the upcoming cycle, I won't have to go in for CD3 labs.  I'll call my nurse, LeAnn, when AF arrives and then set up my appointment for ultrasound around CD12 or so.  Brandon will have to give me a Trigger shot and then we'll IUI 24-36 hours later.  On IUI day, we'll use his fresh sperm if the numbers are high enough.  If they're not, we'll thaw out him banked sperm and use them.  Either way, we have a plan.  I'm so excited!!  I can't believe that our journey to parenthood is within reach.  =) 

And I'm looking forward to a good date night with the husband this week. ; )

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