Thursday, September 8, 2011

Recovering =)

Surgery went well!  I got to leave the hospital around 11ish.  They completely removed the septum!!  That's the first thing I remember being told in recovery.  Dr. Bates found Stage I Endo and removed that as well.  I'm feeling much better than I expected.  I'm not even that sleepy.  I just keep having to pee!!!  I was taking a nap and my bladder woke me up.  Guess they kept me well hydrated with my IV during surgery.  I have a yucky sore throat and some cramps, but nothing unbearable.  I've been told that tomorrow will be the "bad day."  I'll give another update tomorrow.  =)

**I think I'm feeling so good because I've wanted this surgery since June when it was previously cancelled and now I'm one step closer to becoming a Mommy.  I'm euphoric. =)

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