Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still so happy

I forgot to mention yesterday that Dr. Bates assured me that we would be pregnant within 3 months.  =)  That's something to smile about!! =)

I was going to start taking my BBT again this morning, but I'm off and decided to sleep in.  My stockpile of OPKs is depleted unless I have some hidden somewhere I don't remember.  I would just like to definitely know if I ovulated already so I can have an idea of when AF will arrive. 

After talking to other women and reading online, I think that I will write a pregnancy journal to give to the baby someday. I will continue to write here, but a handwritten journal will be more sentimental for my future child.  My plan is to write my first entry on the day of IUI.  If I can convince Brandon, I'll get him to write a few entries as well.  Maybe I can go ahead and research some themed topics from other journals so it's not just me writing about how excited I am to meet him/her!! 

It's starting to feel real again.  I kept myself guarded all summer and tried to not think about being a mommy.  It just hurt too much. 

*** I've invited more readers to my blog.  I'm glad to see that you're here!!  As my cycle moves forward and IUI comes closer, know that you are in the inner loop! Please keep any infomation posted here to yourself.  IE-please DO NOT post on Facebook.  Once the process starts, we aren't going to tell all of our family (some of you are family reading this).  This is still a personal process and if everyone knows and we're not successful in our first attempt or anything not planned happens, I don't want to have to tell everyone.  Plus, I would love to get to see the surprise on people's faces when we tell them that we're expecting.  So again, if you're here, you mean a lot to me and I want you to be in the loop and you'll just get to know the good news before everyone else. ***

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