Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sneakers Bday

Today is my husband's birthday.  I've called him Sneakers since August 2008.  We were engaged in June 2008 and I graduated a few months later in August.  He took me to the beach to celebrate.  We stayed in the nastiest place in Panama City Beach that I've ever seen.  I remember finding a used bandaid on the floor and almost being sick!  Long story short, it rained non-stop every single day that we were there.  It was awful.  During the middle of the night the storm got bad and we couldn't even sleep.  All that was on at 3am was a marathon of Family Guy.  (It's now one of our favorite shows.)
Y'all may not find it that funny, but we did at 3am on the worst vacation we ever took!  Brandon got up and sang the Sneakers O'Toole song and danced around the bed.  He's been Sneakers to me ever since.  The name was even used during our wedding ceremony. 

Today is my Sneakers's 35th birthday.  I never knew that I could love someone so much as I love him.  =)  He's the reason that I get up each day and want to be a better person.  Happy Birthday, Sneakers.  You're the best Sneakers O'Toole. 

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