Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Monday

I just had my 2nd Menopur shot. It burned even more than the first one, but it only lasted about a minute.  It helps that I keep my eyes closed and Brandon talks me through the entire process.  I don't like needles, and it usually doesn't hurt if I'm not watching.  The actual stick doesn't hurt as much as him pushing the medicine in. 

I had a GREAT day at work today.  This particular medicine has awesome side effects, or maybe it's just all the prayer! =)  My energy level was definitely up today.  I sold a LOT of pretty jewelry! 

My ultrasound in at 7:30am on Wednesday, and they said that I can come in at 7am on Friday for my IUI since I need to get back to work.  I'll have to make sure and send a sweet card after the holidays for all that they've done for me this cycle!  =)

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