Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ultrasound and More Medicine in God's Hands

We had another ultrasound this morning after church.  My lining was only 5mm and my largest follicle was only 11mm.  My body was not responding well to the Femara this month.  Dr. Bates was there (along with Dr. McLain) and gave us some options:
  • A:  give up and wait for the next cycle
  • B:  try using Clomid (for 5 days)
  • C:  try using Menopur (for 3 days)
We chose to use Menopur.  Brandon gave me my first injection at 7:30PM.  It BURNED!! This option was the most aggressive approach and Dr. Bates felt that it would give us our best chance scenario for a successful IUI.  With the injectable medicine, I may respond with more mature follicles rather than just one. 

Brandon prayed over the shot as we will the next two.  We prayed for God's will.  We prayed to Him and are leaving it in His hands.

This morning before worship I talked briefly with our pastor.  During the service, Brandon asked God to speak to him.  During the last prayer, Terry (our pastor) spoke our names and asked us to come to the front of the room.  He told everyone about situation and asked them to come and pray for us.  I know that the Holy Spirit was with us.  I felt God's presence with me for the duration of the day.  Brandon and I have promised to stay more positive about our situation and be happier with each other.  It's been easy to become discouraged with one another.  God is using this current situation to bring us closer to one another and for our love to grow even greater.

I am so thankful that I have had such great people in my life throughout this journey.  I feel much more positive about this cycle that God will cover and protect me.  He ultimately knows when we will have our child and I will trust in Him.

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  1. Sorry the menopour burned=( I hope this does the trick and gets those follies to grow!


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