Thursday, December 22, 2011

Still not growing

At our ultrasound yesterday morning, they still saw little follicle growth.  I am on 5 more days of 75iu of Menopur.  My belly is literally a pin cushion now.  I'm trying to stay strong and positive, but work is getting crazier and I haven't had an off day this week so it's tough! 

Brandon had to give me my injection at work last night.  Rachel laid beside me and held my hand and then prayed over me with Brandon.  =)  It was nice because Brandon can't hold my hand and do the shot at the same time. 

Last night my belly felt hard to touch.  Maybe I was just full from dinner or something.  Today it's just tender from all of the injection sites.  Please keep me in your prayers this week. We have yet another ultrasound tomorrow morning!

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