Friday, December 30, 2011

Tanning Bed and Grandparents

I've went to the tanning bed for the past 2 days.  Please, don't lecture me about the harmful effects.  Everything causes cancer!  The fertility drugs aren't going to help with that either, but I digress.

It's been nice to enjoy something that I love so much.  Tan fat is sexier than pale fat!!! =)

We're going out to dinner with my grandparents tonight.  I haven't blogged much about their current situation.  My Granny is in need of a hip replacement.  She has pulmonary fibrosis, which makes any surgery difficult for her.  Also, my Pop has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He's having surgery next week to implant the radioactive seeds in his belly.  Since I'm not pregnant, I'll be able to be around him next week.  He will be radioactive for 9 months.  My Granny doesn't want me around him at all after the surgery.  It's all been very emotional.  I lost my Grandad to prostate cancer 6 years ago. 

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