Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16th Appointment

Our precious baby is measuring 8w2d (and I am 8w3d)!

Our amazing ultrasound tech (Tammy) gave us five beautiful pictures.

Everything looks great.  It was amazing to see the head and the baby's limbs.  "The Sneak" actually looks like a baby on the ultrasound now.  We are still set for two more ultrasound appointments at ART, and are planning to be released to our OB in November.

Future Appointments:
Ultrasound Appointment # 5
Ultrasound Appointment # 6, consult with Dr. Allemand, tentative graduation from RE


  1. Awe she is starting to look like a baby now :) Sorry had to put the "she" in there. Congrats on progress!

    1. =) I hope it's a she. We already have her name picked out and it's super cute. But our boy name is pretty awesome also. I'm ready to make our name choices official. I'll text them to you!

  2. My money's still on The Sneak being a boy ;) No matter what, you're going to be amazing parents. Love the pix!!!

  3. Love the pictures! So glad everything is going well for y'all. :) I can remember getting pictures of our little guy looking just like that. So neat when you can start to see them looking like a little baby. I don't know if you feel this way, but I felt like every week and every ultrasound was a milestone. Continued prayers and good wishes for you, my friend!

  4. Glad to hear you had a good appointment. That's crazy that the arms, legs, and head are identifiable when they are so tiny!

  5. Oh this just brought tears to my eyes! The whole process is so amazing, and the little bub grows so much each week. So you're announcing name choices soon? I like it. I never understood why people keep it secret until birth (unless they genuinely haven't decided yet). I'm so glad everything is going so well for you Court, your enthusiasm is infectious!!

  6. What great pictures! Your next appt will be here so soon :)

  7. This is so wonderful. I'm so happy!!!!! Y'all must be thrilled beyond anything.

  8. Yay for catching almost all the way up! So exciting!

  9. This is so exciting!! Such a cute little bean!!

  10. Wow those are great U/S pics! Glad to hear that little baby is doing well!


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