Monday, October 22, 2012

Pregnancy Scrapbook

I've never been one for scrapbooking, but I have greatly enjoyed crafting my pregnancy scrapbook for The Sneak.  I picked a light green scrapbook so it would have a gender neutral appearance.  I also like green!  Putting the book together has been more fun than I had initially anticipated.  Because we've been closely monitored by the fertility clinic, we have many ultrasound pictures.  It has been amazing to see the baby's growth each week. 
Brandon and I both agree that when The Sneak is older, we want them to know what a miracle pregnancy and childbirth is.  We plan to tell The Sneak that we went through quite an ordeal to have him/her.  With the way I've put the book together, I think it will help in telling him/her their story.  
 Along the way, I've spent much time finding the right scripture verses to include in the scrapbook.  If you have any verses that I have not included, please feel free to share them with me!  
 I included in the book what I said at church when we shared our news.  My hope and prayer is that I will always be able to reflect on those words, no matter The Sneak's age.  I know that parenting is not an easy task, but I do know that Brandon and I will never take the small and unpleasant moments for granted.  Adding this prose to the scrapbook will also remind our child that life isn't always fair or easy, but God never leaves us.
We've taken belly pictures of me each week, and I think it's fun to include them in the book.  I want The Sneak to know what Mommy looked like before, during, and after their arrival.  My Granny was laughing at how times have changed.  When she was having her children, women would not have dared to take pictures of their pregnant and swollen tummies.  
I've enjoyed seeing my body change.  Just yesterday at work, Ben mentioned how he could see my tummy sticking out more (not just when I ate).  I think pregnancy is beautiful on all women, and I cannot wait to have a bigger belly!


  1. This is so adorable and what a great idea! I'm sure The Sneak will cherish this forever!!

  2. yay for scrapbooking! I LOVE scrapbooking, but haven't done it in so long. I'm keeping everything (so far, TODAY I got the pics of both cells - we transferred two - as well as the u/s that shows the tiny little "blip" on the radar!

  3. Your children are so incredibly blessed to have you as their mommy. These book is amazing. What a truly special gift.

  4. What a great idea! I love scrapbooking but I rarely make time for it. I'm sure your baby will love this book when s/he is grown enough to understand it all. :)

  5. Love your album! What a sentimental keepsake for your little one. You've motivated me to start working on mine. :)

  6. This was a great idea. I love how you have so much journaling. It will really help you remember all the details to tell the sneak some day.


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