Saturday, July 7, 2012


The title says it all.  It happened last night.  I fell apart.  Overwhelmed is the only way to express how I feel.

After work, we went to dinner with Rachel & Clint.  It was a good distraction from my emotions.  We had a great meal at Olive Garden, and we talked about all kinds of things.  B and I enjoy our time with them!  Once we got home, it hit me how tired I had been feeling all day.  I realized that I have not slowed down since I got out of the hospital.  I've felt so busy at home and work.  My boss reiterated that I'm in a marathon that cannot be won in a day.  Brandon and I talked for a while last night and he prayed over me before we went to sleep.  I cried so much last night that I still have bags under my eyes even now.


Today I woke up trying to make it a good day.  I called Brookwood asking more about the nurses who took care of me.  The girl who I spoke with is also a patient of Dr. Allemand.  She has Stage III Endometriosis and needs another surgery (to remove the endo) before they can attempt an IUI.  She will need injectable medications for her IUI and I hope that it will work out that I can help her by donating my unused Follistim.  It's amazing how God works!

Sarah and I went shopping today and I was able to go ahead and get some shopping done for Christmas.  If I don't get started now, there's no way that we'll be able to afford buying for our family and friends.
Sarah with one of the shirts on sale!
I purchased 16 Christmas gifts today; some were got multiple gifts for the same person.  
I also bought some things for myself!

Here is a shot of the Christmas gift items I purchased!

Also, we all have a love affair with Lilly Pulitzer at work!  
My calendar just arrived!  I was super excited.  
Here is a picture of me with mine and then one of Jenna and myself posing.

And Rachel had to mess around with the camera, so here's a picture of her goofing around.  =)

It may not look like I'm having a hard time in these pictures, but retail therapy and prayer does wonders.  I am surrounded by such great people.  


  1. Hang in there. I know it's so stressful....

  2. Christmas shopping huh? Keep your chin up and remember your body has went through so much stuff in preparation for getting pregnant, along with needs, ohss, retrieval etc.

    1. Sadly enough, the Christmas shopping this early is normal! I start early each year!

  3. Take one day at a time....sit back and breath, reflect on your journey, live for the present and look to the future hoping for the best!

  4. My experience has been that I can be both fully functional and completely falling apart at the same time; you are absolutely not alone in that.
    After we lost River, my physical recovery was difficult for the first week; but once the pain dissipated, I felt mostly fine most of the time. Emotionally, I fluctuated wildly. THAT was exhausting, and it took a physical toll.
    My advice (unsolicited, of course) is to take it as it comes. That may mean you focus on one day at a time; but it could also be one hour or even one minute. Fran said it well: "reflect on your journey, live for the present"

  5. Thinking of you and hope you're feeling a little better... Sorry that I'm so far behind on your news :( This is certainly a roller coaster ride :( Love to you always xoxo


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