Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's going to be a long post, but I hope you'll stay with me.

My mind is still recovering from all of the pain medications.  I have some moments where I feel completely alright and others are just weird.  When we first got home on Friday I didn't know what to do.  I was confused.  It was strange to be back home after being in my little hospital room for so many days.
Dad and I did a lot of cleaning and picking up Friday.  I overdid it, because I get these bursts of energy and then I crash.  The Mackey family brought us a lovely dinner and we spent some time in fellowship.
On Saturday I knew that I needed to go to Walmart to buy underwear.  I know, right?!?  The laundry has been devouring B's "droors" and I needed some too.  My belly is still kinda sore and not a whole lot of my unmentionables fit.  B helped me get cleaned up and ready and that wore me out!  I was sitting down resting when Dad got here.  We got to Walmart and he got me a buggy mostly for support.  We had two tasks:  underwear and lunch.  We found unmentionables for both B and me and then Dad mentioned needing a case of water.  Well, let me tell you that after being cooped up in a hospital room for 5 days and then being around a bunch of people is crazy.  Going to Walmart was the icing on the cake.  I was overwhelmed.  If you had looked at me it was obvious that I wasn't feeling well.  I started breathing heavily and told Dad that we needed to get out fast.  I had to use the buggy to get back to the truck.  Plus, this Alabama heat hasn't helped much with my recovery from dehydration either.

We got some lunch and headed home.  I ate and took a nap.  The littlest things wear me out! Well, I woke up and my mom was here doing laundry!  She must have washed, dryed, and put up about four or five loads of laundry.  She also cleaned my bathroom and organized under my sink.  She unloaded the dishwasher and picked up the kitchen.  I had no idea that she was coming, and it was a great surprise.

The pastor and his wife brought us dinner Saturday night.  Our faith family has been so supportive.  We have had meals brought to us two nights in a row!
Yesterday, we went to church and it was amazing.  When we first got there I was very shaky.  It took a lot of energy for me to get ready for church and have my bags packed for the lake later that day.  I was so happy to be with my faith family to worship.  I was finally able to feel free to worship my mighty God.  I had asked Terry, our pastor, if I could get up and say a few words.  I thanked everyone for their continued prayer and support.  I've never spoken in front of our church before.  I don't know how I did it, but He was helping me with the words. 

During church I had a scare where I began spotting.  It's stopped now, but I know that AF will be arriving at some point.  Luckily, Erica was near and able to keep me calm.  It just scared me.  I thought I had done something "in there" by moving around too much.
After church we headed to the Lake Logan Martin with the Boyington Family to celebrate Gina's birthday.  I got all shaky/nervous once we got there but it wore off.  It was super hot at the lake!  I did put on a bathing suit and get on the big Island float.  B bandaged my place where my catheter was with a waterproof bandaid.  I did my best to keep it from getting wet.  I stayed in the shade and drank plenty of fluids.  I missed not being able to be in the water with everyone else.  After so long I had to go inside.  I got cleaned up and changed and just rested.  I ended up taking a 45 minute nap on the couch because I was so worn out.
Brandon and I talked a lot in the car.  We have been praying together each evening.  We are also trying to find a bible study to do.  Somehow, we started singing in the car.  We both love singing!  Once we got home, he pulled the guitar out and we sat outside with the dogs.  We pulled out the iPad and put it on the Pandora Edwin McCain station and our song, "I'll Be," came on.  It was our first dance on our wedding day.  We slow danced in the back yard at dusk and it was romantic.  I sang the song to him as we danced.  It was kinda funny because Daisy (our lab/rottie puppy) was trying to dance with us.  Overall, we had  a a great weekend.  It was full.  It was busy.  We are blessed.
 God has blessed Brandon and I with so much.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you're slowly starting to feel like the old Court again. I hope you feel like back to new very soon!!!

    Seriously, I had no clue this could happen from fertility treatments. Your strength really is so inspiring.

  2. Now you can finally start getting back to normal again. OHSS is some nasty stuff and can really deplete your body. Have you talked to your RE about FET yet?


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