Monday, July 9, 2012

Worship Sunday

I did it. I sang on stage with the praise band during both services. During the week, I had struggled with if I had bitten off more than I could chew (so to speak). Once I woke up this morning I knew that everything would be alright.  It was amazing.  The sermon was about child discipline, and I had a hard time listening.  BUT at the end of the service, Clay asked all of the parents to reach to their children and pray.  The two beautiful ladies next to me on stage heard me start bawling.  My one baby is in Heaven and my 6 embryos are chillin at the Fertility Clinic.  They held me and comforted me.  God is good.

I had posted more, but the computer ate it before it saved...

We hung out with Joy & Tim yesterday.  It was a GREAT day.  We didn't get home until late (for my standards), but we had a lovely day out on the farm.  

I'm speaking to our Bible Study tomorrow night about our fertility struggle.  I pray that God gives me all of the wisdom and courage needed to tell our story.  

  • Here is what I posted in our FB's SS Class page:

Tuesday Night Bible Study will be held at my Dad's (Michael Duke)house tomorrow due to VBS decorations.

I will be leading Bible Study (along with Brandon) in discussing how God has blessed our fertility struggle. This will be my first time speaking the entire story (in HOPEful chronological order). I HOPE that all of you are able to attend. I HOPE that this will be the first of many opportunities in that I am able to share Our Pathway to Parenthood.

I will post more tomorrow after my appointment with Dr. Allemand; as well as after my talk.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers.  I was able to eat a little bit yesterday without getting sick, but am not feeling well this morning.   


  1. Still praying for you! I hope you feel better and your appointment goes well.

  2. All the best wishes for your appointment!

  3. Here from LFCA. I hyperstimmed with my first IVF cycle and ended up with a freeze all. It was no fun. It sounds like you had a terrible time with the fluid needing to be drained! I'm so sorry that happened. Your estrodial wasn't super high (mine was 3962 or something like that) right before I triggered so they were already warning me I could hyperstim. I did want to let you know that I had an incredibly beautiful child with my frozen cycle and the pregnancy went relatively smoothly after that. (Subsequent kiddo attempts are another story...) But I'm praying that things will work out for you and you hear great news at your appointment. Best wishes!


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