Sunday, August 12, 2012

part 3


I felt a Holy, friendly, and comforting presence.
Peace overwhelmed me.  

At that moment, I heard a baby's cry.
*Let me further explain that there were NO children or babies anywhere on the second floor of Brookwood Hospital on June 28 at 11:55pm.*
When I closed my eyes, God revealed a visual prophecy to me.  I was in a hospital gown holding our baby in my arms.  I heard our baby cry.  This moment was completely lucid.  Before this, I had been in prayer for at least an hour.  In this prophecy, I could not see Brandon, but could sense his presence and hear the smile in his voice.  The baby was swaddled in my arms.  I feel like I was looking down at my son.  He was so beautiful and had the darkest brown eyes.  It was so vivid and the image will forever be burned into my memory.
When I close my eyes even now I can see the image.  I've wished that I was skilled enough to sketch the image burned into my mind, but I am no artist.

Afterward, I grabbed a pen and notepad and scribbled down every last detail that I could think of.  I feared that no one would believe me, including Brandon.

Furthermore, God spoke to me.  There was no audible voice, but he put the words into my head.  I'll talk more about that in a minute. 

That night I was so excited that I could barely sleep.  The next morning and waited patiently for Brandon to wake up so I could share with him.

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  1. Tears! I love when God gives us images and visions! I believe that He spoke to you that day. I am so anxious to hear the rest of the story!

    Seriously.. I'm not a crier.. tears streaming down my face!

  2. I my darkest after our ivf never made it to transfer i was walking and praying and had a very clear visual of our baby dedication with me my husband our pastor and our wasnt clear if it was a boy or a girl but it was clear they were ours. I clung to that image until our actual baby dedication and cried like a baby when it happened! Stephanie

  3. So happy your felt that peace. God is amazing.

  4. I had goosebumps as I was reading your post this evening. I believe God will bless you with a baby; I felt it the first time I read your blog. : )


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