Tuesday, August 14, 2012

part 4

"You've got to BELIEVE the words that you're saying"

(Mark Lollar said that during On Fire practice)

I still have the notepad that I scribbled on that night in the hospital.  It stays with me wherever I go.  
The next morning I told Brandon about my vision from God.  Thankfully he didn't see me as crazy.  Dr. Allemand stopped by that morning to take out my catheter and release me from the hospital.  I shared my prophecy with him and he was moved as well.

BUT, God didn't stop with just a vision of me holding my child.  I told you I had more to say. . .

After seeing my child I was so happy.  Honestly, happy cannot even describe what I felt at that moment.  But it didn't end there.  Again, there was no audible voice, but God revealed that I've not been doing enough.  I've been writing this blog for quite some time now, but He wants me to do more.  This is my ministry.  This what I'm supposed to do.  God wants me to help MORE people that are having fertility struggles.  He wants me stretch out of my comfort zone and begin helping at a local level.  (After He revealed this I had no idea where to start.)

I recently started "counting my blessings."  It started  (partially) in response to Mackey's Sunday School lesson on July 15.
He asked us the question, "What is a blessing from God?"  
Being only a few weeks away from my struggle with OHSS, I realized that not all blessings are always good.  ("Sometimes God's blessing comes as disguised pain.")  Also, after I was back at work, God kept sending me people.  Since I've been back to work, I have discussed infertility (or any subject relating) with someone EACH and EVERY day.  I knew that I had to keep up with this.  My journal of daily blessings has been a great reminder of all of the good things, along with the people I meet.

God has provided us with many opportunities to talk about how He has blessed us.  It took quite some time for us to get here.  For most of our journey, we have been angry, sad, and bitter.  The past two years have been difficult, but we will continue to praise Him for all that He has given. I believe that He chose this path and fully intended for us to share our story.

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  1. Sounds like you had a truly amazing experience!

  2. Love this! It's hard to find the blessings in the midst of so much pain and trials. I'm so glad ouve found a ministry! Praise God!

  3. I feel like you are going to be such an inspiration to other individuals who are struggling with infertility. I'm so glad you have decided to share all of this with us.


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