Friday, August 10, 2012

part 2

"Sometimes God's Blessing Comes as Disguised Pain" 

(Pastor Terry Hill quoted the above statement in one of his sermons)

In my life, I've been lucky to live pain-free for the most part.  I've always been terrified of needles, but I've gotten over that in the past year.  My stomach has always had issues, but it's uncomfortable- not painful.  I've suffered with pelvic pain issues, but it's nothing that's constant.

OHSS caused me constant pain.  I began having symptoms immediately after the Egg Retrieval.  It was intense bloating/hurting pain.  I ended up having breathing trouble.  Many people saw me in the five days afterward and could not believe how much my stomach had grown.  By Monday I promise you that I looked roughly 6 months pregnant.  Those five days seem like someone else lived them.  I cannot believe that I endured what I did.  I was miserable and could barely walk, much less move around without feeling terrible.  God must have had a guard of angels with me throughout those five days just carrying me.

When I showed up that Monday for my tentative Embryo Transfer (actual hospital admission), they immediately saw my pain and gave me Valium.  I was hurting, nauseated, having hot flashes, and just plain nervous.  I knew that I would be admitted to the hospital.

While in the hospital, my pain levels were regulated by much medication, which made me either exhausted or wired.  Because the nurses checked on me so often, I had trouble sleeping at night.  Also, the pigtail catheter in my right side had me terrified of making any sudden movements.  Getting comfortable was extremely difficult!  If I laid the wrong way, I would feel pain at the catheter site.

I would also wake up when any of my medications began to wear off.  On my IVF #1 page, I listed each medication that I was given (daily).  Someone was checking on me every four hours to give me something else to take.  Once the pigtail catheter was inserted I began having less pain from OHSS, but then had pain/burning at the catheter site.  While I had trouble sleeping, I would update my blog, watch movies, and pray.

On my last night in the hospital, I was having a hard time going to sleep . . .

At this point, all of my pain medication had worn off . . .

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  1. I am so sorry you had to go through OHSS and especially on your first ivf. I think that is a very common fear among the infertility community. I know it was a very real fear for me with having so many eggs. Luckily my doctor prescribed me a medication to help stop OHSS and I didn't get it. You are a very strong lady and I can't imagine anything worse then that.

    1. I was prescribed Dostinex before the Egg Retrieval to try and stop it before it happened. Worst part is I was up and moving around during much of it and had NO idea that I developed OHSS immediately. I just thought something was wrong with me, and that I was a wimp. =(

  2. Courtney, Thank you for sharing your story. God is going to bless you through this. He is going to use your story!

  3. You know I'm here for you, Court. I love you! I can not claim to understand IVF; I do though have you in my prayers! You are a really good person with a beautiful soul and God will bless you! I do believe that!

  4. Sorry to hear about your OHSS. IT is every women's nightmare when going through IVF.

    I am praying that I don't get it in my upcoming IVF....


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