Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Appointment: 16 Weeks 3 Days

We met Dr. Radbill at our 16 weeks appointment today.  Our doctor's office has two locations, one at Brookwood and one in Alabaster.  It was a nice break not having to drive so far today for an appointment.  The nurse sat down with me and went over all of my labs from the first visit.  She also asked me how I had been feeling, and I mentioned my headaches and acid reflux issues.  They led me to another room and a different nurse came in to let me listen to the heartbeat.  The Sneak's heart rate was at 155 bpm today.  She let us listen for a while, and then told us that the baby was moving around!  Dr. Radbill came in and felt my belly and said that everything is right on track.  He said that my headaches were just a common pregnancy occurrence, and that I could begin taking Prilosec daily for my acid reflux.

Brandon was thrilled to mention that this appointment was by far the quickest one we've ever had.  Our next appointment is scheduled with Dr. Radbill on December 28 to find out the gender.  I cannot wait to know, even though I'm pretty sure that it's a boy.

On the day of our anatomy scan, my plan is for the ultrasound tech to only tell Brandon the gender.  Then we will go eat lunch somewhere and he can tell me.  *We had originally planned for ART to call Brandon with the results of our pregnancy test so he could tell me (good news or bad), but we had already known for five days that we were pregnant.  I wish that we could find out before Christmas, but my work schedule is just too busy.  At least I'll be able to enjoy the news more since I'll have some time off!  I cannot wait to know for sure, we are so excited!


  1. Good luck at only having your spouse know the gender.

  2. Glad everything was good! I couldn't imagine my husband knowing and making me wait even a second longer!

  3. How exiting! Finding out Olivia's gender was definitely one of the most exciting days of my life-- right up there with getting married and finding out I was pregnant. Can't wait to hear what you guys are having!


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