Saturday, December 22, 2012

18 Weeks and Bumpdate

How many weeks:
18 Weeks
Entering the 5th month of pregnancy!  

How big is baby:
The size of a sweet potato

Maternity Clothes:
Maternity clothes are awesome!  I'm now on the lookout for cute maternity shirts with lots of growing room for the rest of the pregnancy.
Over the summer, Rachel gave me some of her gently used and outgrown bras.  They have been great, but now I've resorted to wearing a sports bra.  I've never had a lot upstairs so to speak, but I think I'll be more voluptuous as this pregnancy progresses.

Weight Gain Alert! 
132 lbs today
(I thought I had gained more weight this week, but I must have lost the additional pound)
Gained this week: 1 lb
Total Weight Gain: 9 lbs

I'm definitely feeling something!

Food Cravings:
I'm always hungry!  

Food Aversions:
There's not anything that grosses me out right now (other than the usual stuff).

Only 6 more days and we find out!

Hot flashes!, frequent urination (even at nighttime), slight energy boost, increased appetite, pregnancy brain, clumsy and stumbling a lot, varicose veins, drooling, widened belly button.
The headaches have lessened, and the acid reflux seems to be controlled by Prilosec.

What do I miss:
Being off on Sundays to take my nap.  I'm ready to have a few consecutive days off from work.

Best moment of the week:
Knowing without hesitation that I've felt The Sneak moving around in my tummy.

What am I looking forward to:
Our anatomy scan next week, Christmas, and Christmas being over (I only say that because I've been working like crazy).

Feeling the baby move!

"Baby is filling out nicely and getting large enough that I might be feeling twists, rolls, kicks, and punches inside my belly.  Another set of skills baby is mastering now is yawning and hiccuping.  The Sneak is truly one-of-a-kind with unique fingerprints."
from What to Expect When You're Expecting



  1. Oh Courtney you have to be the cutest pregnant lady ever! I can't believe you will know gender in six days! Even though I voted for a girl, looks like I will be wrong. YOu have stuck strong that you are having a boy :) Either way this little one will be loved.

  2. You look so good. I could only wish to look that good when I get pregnant.


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