Monday, December 17, 2012

Sneak Stuff

Brandon and I went to Target yesterday after church.  I had seen this precious bib set on a friend's blog and just had to have it for The Sneak.  It was just too sentimental to pass up.
The Sneak has definitely been worth the wait.  I try not to remember what it was like all the months that we desperately longed to be pregnant.  It still stings.  It's so much easier to see the big picture now, but for 26 months, we were in the trenches wondering if we'd ever be blessed with our own baby.  We'll never forget what we went through, and feel so blessed to be pregnant.  I can honestly say now that it was all worth the wait.

I've talked about Rachel many times before on my blog.  With me in the picture is her sister, Katie.  When I moved in with my Dad in 9th grade, Katie was the first person that I met at school.  She was so sweet and made sure that I felt like I felt in.  We are now both pregnant and due on the same day!

I had been struggling to find the perfect Christmas ornament to represent the baby this year.  It's easy to find ones for "baby's first Christmas," but I wanted something while we were pregnant.
Here's both of us with our bellies.  We're pretty sure she's having a girl and I'm having a boy.  And we're both carrying appropriately (boy vs girl) as well.  She finds out the gender this week!  (Darn my busy work schedule!)
Katie found me the perfect ornament!  The words read  "Be Merry!  Your special gift will be here soon."  


  1. It would be funny if you were both having the same too.


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