Friday, December 7, 2012


After looking at my calendar yesterday, I realized that I've been having headaches for over five days.  My plate is overfilled enough, and having headaches has been slowing me down.  I called Dr. Mac's office to speak with a nurse.  This is the FIRST time that I've called.  Things have been pretty quiet with Baby Sneakers, and it's been awesome!  Unlike calling the fertility clinic, they actually placed me on hold and then a real live nurse picked up the phone.  It was so much different than calling up to ART, leaving a message with all of my identifying info and waiting for a response.  They called me in a Rx for Esgic.  To my demise, the pharmacy did not have the medicine, and Brandon waited 45 minutes for nothing.  I did ask my pharmacy friend (who is also pregnant) if this medicine sounded safe.  It's a Class C drug, meaning that no studies exist to support if the drug is harmful or not in pregnancy.  Maybe it was a good thing that they didn't have the medicine?  I assume that they'll call today and see what else to give me.  As of right now my head feels alright, but I can tell that the headache is coming.

I'm definitely within the guidelines for a safe amount of caffeine each day.  I promise to cut back more after the holidays are over!  Even when I take two Tylenol, I still feel the pressure in my head.  The nurse said it could just be hormonal.  I'm praying that it all subsides and I can make it through each day without feeling like a zombie.

Happy Weekend everyone!  Enjoy it for me because we've started extending our hours at work and I have no idea when I'll get any rest this weekend.


  1. I am really sorry you are having these horrible headaches. I know its not a good feeling when you can't take anything to help them. Hoping your office can find something to help.

  2. I hate migraines. I've had several friends get them for the first time during their pregnancies. Hope that you can find a safe way to manage your pain.

  3. Headaches are the worst. What does the trick for me is increasing my water intake. Most headaches are caused from dehydration. Worth a try at least.


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