Monday, December 3, 2012


Have I mentioned that the Holidays are a busy time for me at work?  It's been crazy,  I'm already exhausted, and we still have 21 more days to go.

Brandon's mother is driving from North Carolina this Friday, and is staying with us through the weekend.  On Sunday, we are having our Christmas with her.  I'm not finished Christmas shopping yet, and am feeling slightly overwhelmed because I have no idea how/when to finish.  (I did complete over half of my list for the family I'm buying for through Road to Bethlehem on Saturday night with Rachel's help).  I must delegate and have Brandon help me finish.

Yesterday, we drove to the Galleria in search of more maternity pants.  I purchased a BeBand from Target and two pair of dress pants from the maternity section in Macy's.  After that, Brandon treated me to lunch at J Alexander's.  This morning while getting dressed, I was reminded that I need more long shirts.  My bump isn't large, but it is causing my shirts to not cover enough belly!  I'm wearing the BeBand with a pair of khaki slacks and it's so comfortable.  It's also nice that people won't be able to see where I don't have my pants buttoned.

Black really is slimming! 
The ligament pain is not comfortable, but I know my belly is growing and stretching to accommodate baby.  When I lay down on the couch each night, my throat burns with acid reflux!  If my bladder is full, I can occasionally feel a jab from The Sneak.  Also, if my bladder is full and I cough or sneeze... well, it's funny!  Pregnancy is agreeing with me for the most part minus some of the unpleasant issues.  BUT I was super lucky to have no morning sickness through the first trimester, and it's definitely worth having some uncomfortable stuff to be carrying my precious baby.

In this picture you can barely see my bump.  


  1. You are such a beautiful pregnant woman!

  2. Gorgeous pics! Good luck getting your Christmas shopping done over the next few weeks, and it must be nice to have some maternity pants to make things more comfy for you.

  3. Check out Zulily- they have lots of great maternity stuff, as does Old navy! Xo you're doing GREAT!


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