Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feeling The Sneak

Over the past two days, I've definitely felt the baby moving.  For so long I've only felt the sensations for a few seconds and then it's gone.  On Monday and yesterday, it lasted longer.  It was the coolest feeling ever! I haven't felt anything yet today, but I'm sure The Sneak won't disappoint.

In other Sneak related news...  my belly officially feels pregnant.  When I move (especially when I bend over) my stomach feels different.  It actually feels like I'm carrying a small melon.  According to the books, my uterus is now the size of a cantaloupe, so I guess what I'm feeling is normal.  I can also feel the top of my uterus, and it isn't too far below my belly button anymore.  I cannot imagine how much bigger I'll be in the coming weeks!

I've always slept on my stomach and my belly now makes that impossible.  Also, when I get comfortable on my side, I have to use a pillow for my belly.  Up until this week, I've been able to sleep on my side without any pillows.  It almost feels like my entire stomach is being squished and moved to the side if I sleep without any pillow support now.

It's weird how all of this just snuck up on me.  My stomach finally feels and really looks pregnant.  The baby is moving and I can feel it.  And I'm pretty sure I gained 2 lbs this week.

Here's two profile shots of me today.  You'll have to excuse the bathroom mirror picture-Brandon is out of town until tonight.  (Yes- I stayed all by myself last night!)
Flowy non-maternity shirt with maternity pants


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  1. I always have a terrible time sleeping when J is away for the night. Not sure how I made it through his deployments!


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