Saturday, March 9, 2013

29 Weeks and Bumpdate

How many weeks:
29 Weeks
11 Weeks to go!

How big is Ellie:
The size of an acorn squash

Maternity Clothes:
Every day and always.  I've only got two t-shirts that I can wear comfortably.  I've always been one to dress for comfort but I've tried to stay dressed up whenever possible.  I'm so proud of my bump and I don't want someone to ever mistake me for being overweight!  (I know, I'm so vain!)

Weight Gain Alert!
155 lbs
Gained this week: 0 lbs (actually lost 1 lb)
Total weight gain:  32 lbs
My appetite is still sluggish.  I'm not eating near as much as I had in the past weeks.

Our little girl responds to our voices well.  Brandon can talk to her and she will kick back at him.  Her movements are extremely pronounced and my tummy moves when she's dancing in there.  Sometimes I think I can feel either her head or booty.

Food Cravings:
Everything that I cannot have.  I've never had to follow a diet or anything.  Before pregnancy I ate what I wanted.  I've always avoided dairy because of lactose issues but I also don't like cheese or milk so it was pretty easy.  Having to watch out for reflux triggers is proving to be very difficult.  I can get acid reflux from anything now.  But again, it's all worth it to be carrying my little girl.  And I will enjoy the mess out of some fried food once she's born!

Food Aversions:
Anything that aggravates my acid reflux

My Current Eating Pattern:
My appetite is slowly returning.  I've been snacking more throughout the day than eating meals.  I'm still so afraid to eat meals because of the acid reflux terror that follows.  We eat dinner much earlier than usual now and I don't recline at all for a few hours. Right now I'm relying on drinking water and staying hydrated.

Bronchitis, fatigue, increased sense of smell, frequent urination, hemorrhoids, back pain (but nothing as awful as I experienced before), thirsty all of the time, excitement about Ellie arriving soon, overwhelmed feeling, pregnancy brain, premature nesting when I'm not too exhausted to clean

What's that?  I long for the night when I sleep without waking up.  It doesn't bother me to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the potty.  BUT it does become nagging to wake up multiple times during the night so I can breathe, blow my nose, cough, administer eye drops, etc.  The lack of good rest is wearing on this Mommy.  At least I'm very prepared for waking up in the middle of the night to take care of baby girl.

What do I miss:
Being well.  Any kind of sickness during pregnancy is terrible.  Medicines don't seem to be as effective and I feel worse than a normal non-pregnant person would.

Best moment of the week:
Brandon talking to Ellie in my Belly and feeling and seeing her kick like crazy responding to her Daddy.

Worst moment of the week:
Having to fast for the GTT!  It was hard to sleep during the night knowing I couldn't have anything to drink.  Thankfully I kept myself very busy during the test itself.

What am I looking forward to:
Getting over Bronchitis!  I'm sure Ellie is ready for me to stop coughing as well.

Having our 3D ultrasound was an amazing experience.  I am so thankful for each week that we reach as we make it closer and closer to full term!

"Ellie is getting closer to her birth weight, but will double or even triple her current weight before birth.  As she continues to grow my womb will become tighter and I will no longer feel kicks, but jabs!"
from What to Expect When You're Expecting

 I'm feeling and LOOKING MUCH BETTER this week!


  1. Acid reflux just sucks. My new RE took me off my prilosec and I have to say its like sewage backing up that burn my throat and makes me puke. Feel so bad for you.

  2. Try taking a flashlight and putting it to your belly... Ellie will scoot away from it! And also, you should be able to tell which end is what now, the head feels MUCH harder than the squishy little boo-hiney. :) You'll need to feel around for that stuff sooner or later, just to make sure she's head-down!

    1. Ellie moves towards the light!! We've been doin that "trick" for a while.

      She's in a breach position now. I'm hoping that by 35-36 weeks she will get into the head down position so I can push her out!!


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