Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 21st Appointment

We had a awesome appointment today.  According to the scales at the doctor's office I've lost weight.  By my scales at home I've stayed at 155 lbs for quite some time now.  My blood pressure was on target and Elliana's heart beat was nice and strong.  My nurse prayed with me after going over my vitals.  It was awesome.  I've heard that the nurses often pray with their patients, but this was my first experience.

Dr. Radbill said that I'm measuring perfectly and I look great.  Elliana is no longer in the breached position, but her head has dropped into my pelvis, her booty is under my right rib, and her legs are under my left rib.  The likelihood of her moving again is high, but we'll just hope and pray that she's back into the right position around week 36.  It was really a quick appointment!

Our next appointment is scheduled for April 3rd at 8am.  Brandon should able to go to this appointment with me.  (He traveled to Mobile and Mississippi yesterday and is on his way home now).  He doesn't like missing appointments because he likes to her baby girl's heart beating.  Thanks to technology, I'm always able to record Elliana's heartbeat for him and then we can listen whenever we want!

I stopped by The Baby Station in Vestavia on my way home, but the store is very pricey!  They had a big sale going on but I could not see spending so much money on outfits that baby girl will only wear a few times before they're outgrown.  From looking around I did come up with some ideas for monogramming, but I wasn't really impressed by dresses priced at $69- even if they were marked down to 50% off.

After visiting the baby store, I also stopped by the jewelry store to see the girls.  My last day at work was Monday, and it was bittersweet.  While I was in the store I got the chance to change a watch battery while everyone else was busy.  I told everyone that I'd probably continue to stop by weekly, especially after doctor's appointments.

This was the highlight of my day

I've waited so long to park in this space!  Those spots used to make me angry.  I've waited until I was pretty big to take one of these parking spots, but I feel that I have worked for it.  God is good.
30 weeks 5 days

Countdown:  9 Weeks 2 Days 

(but who's counting?!? heehee)


  1. Yeah the 69 dollars is a little hard to stomach, but on another note I am glad your appointment went well and you look AMAZING!

  2. That's so great that she's not breach anymore! Hopefully she stays upside down for you! Isn't it weird imagining being upside down for 10ish weeks? Crazy.

  3. Great news!! And you look awesome! How cool to park in that spot :-D I can't wait to do that! hehe.

  4. You look beautiful in those pics! Congrats on a great appointment, it's so good that Ellie is developing perfectly.


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