Monday, March 11, 2013

Friday's Appointment, 3-hr GTT, and 3D

Friday was a busy day!  Because I had been sick, we rescheduled my glucose tolerance test for Friday along with my appointment and 3D ultrasound.

Traffic was backed up from an accident on I65N (what's new there?) so I was running late to start the test.  Once I was there they called me back and drew my blood (8:32 am) before giving me the drink.  At that point I was so thirsty that the sugary drink was a welcome sight.  I don't think the nurse had ever seen a pregnant woman so excited to drink the orange stuff!  She then got all of my vitals and went ahead and set me up in a room to see the doctor.  Dr. Mac had two Mommies pushing so he was seeing his patients as early as possible so there wouldn't be too many patients waiting throughout the day.  I hadn't seen him since my first OB appointment at 12 weeks.  He said that I looked great!  He was very satisfied with my blood pressure and weight gain.  My fundal height was right on track.  He said that I did have some mild swelling but it's nothing to worry about right now.

Dr. Mac told me that we would start doing internal exams around 35 weeks to assess my ability to have a vaginal birth.  The thought of delivery has caused me much anxiety.  Pelvic pain has caused me MUCH discomfort in the past few years.  If intercourse, pelvic exams, and vaginal ultrasounds leave me sore and torn, I cannot imagine how I will feel after birthing a baby!  BUT with all that said, I would much rather deliver Ellie than have a c-section.

After my appointment, I only had to wait a few minutes before my second blood draw (9:32 am).  Our Nanny has been in the hospital for almost two weeks now at Brookwood, so I visited with her while waiting for my third stick.  While there I was also able to visit with Brandon's mother (Mia) and our Aunt Anita (Aunt NeeNee).  I barely made it back on time for the third stick after fighting with all of the elevators.  After that stick I decided to stay in the waiting room.  All of the walking had worn me out!  By this time Brandon was on his way to meet me for the 3D ultrasound.  He swung by Nanny's room and picked up Mia to let her go to the ultrasound with us.  I thought it would be fun for her, especially because she had to cancel her weekend vacation and has been spending many days at the hospital with her mother.  The ultrasound tech called me back early but allowed me to wait on Brandon and Mia before taking me.

The ultrasound was amazing.  Tears flooded my eyes once I saw the first 3D image of  Elliana.  Seeing her face made her feel even more real.  She was very active from the sugary drink.  She opened and closed her mouth, yawned, smiled, frowned, and brushed her hands across her face.  The lab tech came in and did my final blood draw (11:32 am) during the ultrasound itself.  Once I was allowed to eat or drink I didn't even care because I was so focused on the screen watching Ellie.

As of now, Ellie is in a breached position.  I'm wondering if this is why my back pain has returned.  I often feel her little toes along my lower belly or up in my ribs.  It's extremely easy to find her head now, and it stays either up under my left or right rib.

I am so happy that we did the 3D ultrasound.  It was such an amazing experience, and has me even more excited for her arrival in May!

I hope to hear back from the doctor's office about my results from the GTT this week!  Let's hope that I passed it!


  1. Hoping that you passed your tests.

  2. Package on way for Miss Ellie.

  3. I hope you passed your tests, too! I would love to hear someone passing them after failing the 1-hour.

  4. That ultrasound must have been so cool! Especially to see her opening and closing her mouth. Good luck with the tests, I'm sure you'll be fine.


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