Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still Feeling Crummy

I must be losing my mind because I'm going to work today.  After Valentine's Day ended I cut back my hours at work.  I was only able to work one day (Monday) last week because I got sick on Wednesday.  Here I am a week later still feeling awful and possibly worse than I did last week!  Wednesday is Paul's off day or I would not be going in.  Do you know that he's more worried about me being on my feet in the store than I am?  He even told the girls that he doesn't want me up and moving too much when I'm in the store anymore.  Talk about having a boss who truly cares!

Today is going to be a rough day.  Sleeping with the humidifier last night was great for my dry throat.  The sound of the machine is also very soothing.  I woke up once around 3 am to blow my nose and put drops in my eyes.  When I do wake up it takes much longer than normal for my eyes to open up and adjust.  I've been having some intense hot flashes at night.  It must be a combination of pregnancy hormones and having Bronchitis.  My nose is still runny and stopped up (with lovely green snot) and keeps trickling down my throat.  It's getting easier for me to cough it up, but I sound pretty gross when it happens.  The glands in my throat are swollen again and my throat hurts.  I think it would all be pretty manageable if I wasn't pregnant and I didn't have this yucky cough all of the time.  My tummy is pretty sore this morning from all of the coughing.  But that's enough complaining for this morning.  I'm hoping that some fresh air and time away from the house will help me feel a bit better.
Here I am today.  Make up is definitely my friend right now.  I still look pretty gross and have black bags under my eyes but I'm lucky to have some great concealer!  I also haven't worn this shirt in a while and it just barely covers up the tummy now!


  1. You are looking better with each passing day. Bronchitis just sucks from what I remember. The rattling cough and chest pain from trying to cough it up so you can breath is just horrible.

  2. I sure hope today passes quickly at work and that it isn't too crazy busy. I will say you do look like you are getting better, but hopefully you can rest for the rest of the week and put this crumminess behind you.

  3. Gross? I don't think so. I think you look adorable!


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